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Academic Accreditation Unit

Vice Deanship Of Quality Affair

Academic Accreditation Unit (Description):

The Unit deals with setting the necessary plans for academic accreditation at the university level, following up the implementation of the plans and supporting of all colleges and units to accomplish the tasks related to the international and national academic accreditation, in addition to consolidation of the culture of accreditation and its dissemination in the university community.



Strategic Objectives:

  • To build a vision and mission consistent with Deanship’s and university’s mission.

·        To draw up plans, policies and objectives of the university's academic accreditation.

  • To achieve international academic accreditation via complying academic programs with requirements and standards of the global bodies.
  • To achieve national academic accreditation via complying academic programs with requirements and standards of NCAAA and effecting quality management system at KSU.
  • To achieve  academic accreditation for post graduate programsfrom internationally reputed bodies.


Tasks of Academic Accreditation Unit:

·        To provideconsulting services to the departments and colleges in academic accreditation issues.

·        To provide support to the departments and colleges to communicate with local, regional and international accreditation bodies.

·        To coordinate with the departments and colleges to schedule visiting times for academic accreditation bodies.
·        To follow up the visits of the evaluation experts and accreditation bodies for different colleges of the university.
·        To encourage colleges to attain graduate programs accreditation from the world's most prestigious bodies.
·        To ensure the consistency of academic standards for academic programs with local and international standards.
·        To documentdata, information and the results of academic programs accreditation.
·        To follow up the implementation of academic accreditation’s recommendations for local and international teams.
·        To develop the executive plans for academic accreditation project of Quality and Development Deanship.
·        To coordinate with other deanship’s units to implement academic accreditation activities and disseminate the culture of academic accreditation.


A) International Academic Accreditation:

By the end of the academic year 1434/1435, 17 Faculties of the university obtained the international academic accreditation for 84 academic programs (67 Bachelor programs and 17 diploma programs) from international bodies for academic accreditation in the United States, and Europe.




B) National Academic Accreditation

1) Institutional Accreditation:

KSU obtained institutional accreditation from the National Commission for Assessment and Accreditation (NCAAA) for the period from May 2010 to April 2017.

2) Program Accreditation:

Vice President for Development and Quality represented by the Deanship of Development and Quality follows the implementation of plans until (5) colleges for 10 programs (4 Bachelor +6 Diploma ) obtained  the national accreditation from the National Commission for Assessmentand Accreditation ( NCAAA ) which are: College of Medicine, : College of Dentistry, : College of Society , College of Arts ( Arabic Language Program ) ,  College of Business Administration ( MBA program).

It also follows up the visits of external assessment teams for college of Engineering (3 programs), College of Business (Economic program) and Institute for the Arabic language (2 programs



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