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The Development Initiatives Unit

Definition of the Development Initiatives Unit:

The leading universities are looking for the future in all their matters; they try to develop their various functions by letting all the university beneficiaries participate in the development to achieve international leadership. These universities depend on the minds of creative experts and advisers in their strategies and development plans. They also have interest in generating and attracting ideas and initiatives to convert them into reality.  Therefore, international universities encourage employees on strategic thinking, and generate necessary ideas and initiatives for development. Our country witnesses a comprehensive development awakening as King Saud University is full of experts and innovators who have many ideas and constructive initiatives.  Because of that, a unit in development initiatives was needed.

The establishment of “Initiatives Unit” in the Deanship of Development comes from the Deanship’s vision to be a reference for the university’s development strategies to international leadership. The unit is meant to stimulate strategic thinking, generate ideas and initiatives, and attract all university employees and community members to be as a “Think Tanks”.  The Deanship of Development; which is concerned of the implementation of the strategic plan KSU2030, depends on the minds of creative experts and advisers inside and outside the university. Therefore, it serves as a link for feedback and proposal and adoption of ideas and development initiatives to contribute in the development and continuous renewal of King Saud University.

 The development initiatives unit will ensure a product of thinking, analysis and advice to KSU’s leader. Also it will provide decision-makers with the information, analysis and reports on various topics and issues to ensure participation in decision-making. It will contribute to streamline decision-making and create innovative solutions to the problems of different University’s units. It will provide an integrated framework which develop the patterns of problem analysis facing the university, generate development ideas for decisions through work teams and brainstorming workshops that allow improvement for managers’ skills, and bring those innovative ideas into action plans and programs for implementation. The unit will permanently search for the best developmental ideas, initiatives, policies and procedures and recommend to take them into effect. Also, it provides future insights that contribute to achieve the vision of King Saud University "global leadership and excellence in building a knowledge society" .  



Reference for development ideas and initiatives, to contribute in the implementation of the strategic plan KSU2030



 Attraction of ideas and development initiatives to contribute in the implementation of the strategic plan KSU2030, by communicating with employees of the University, community members and organizations. Spread the spirit of initiative and leadership thinking, and build a database of ideas and development initiatives and community involvement for employees of the University and society.


Core values:

 The Development Initiative Unit is committed in all its activities to establish a set of values such as:

  • Quality and excellence: the unit adheres to scientific discipline, professional and ethical commitment in receiving, studying and evaluating ideas and development initiatives, and working on developing them. 
  •  Innovation and initiative: it encourages developmental initiatives, ideas and creative solutions that serve the strategic plan of King Saud University KSU2030, and reward the outstanding entrepreneurs.
  • Integrity and transparency: the unit is committed to apply standards and scientific and professional principles in the evaluation of ideas and development initiatives, and deal clearly and openly in all actions through a clear working mechanism.
  • Continuity: the unit is committed to search for the best developmental ideas and initiatives, policies and procedures, and work on their application.
  •  Communication: the unit is committed to effective communication with university employees and the community to attract and generate ideas and developmental initiatives ,to contribute in the achievement of global leadership of King Saud University.
  • Community partnership: the unit is committed to cultivate the culture of community partnership in supporting the initiative behavior of ideas and development initiatives to develop the supportive creative thinking of building a knowledge society. 



      1.       Promotion For Development Initiative unit as the thinking center in king Saud university.

      2.      Adopting the excellent Ideas and development Initiative that lead the university to international leadership.

      3.       Building the abilities and capacity of the development initiatives in the Deanship of Development.

      4.      Build a communication among the Deanship of Development, employees and the outside community.

      5.      Improve the mental images of development Initiative unit in the Deanship of Development.

      6.      Strengthening the unit’s self-generating resources.