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The Dean Speech



    King Saud University is aware of the importance of planning and continuous improvement to achieve the highest level of quality in all their outputs to meet the demands of the future. The university is working hard to take all measures from which the university ensures to be a leader of Saudi universities which supports the society renaissance and progress based on multi strength points the most important of which are originality, cadres’ excellence ant qualified outcomes. KSU 2030 pays particular attention to development and quality processes. The University supports the Deanships at all levels to proceed forward in accomplishing KSU’s mission which is to enhancing quality and sustainable development towards excellence performance at KSU in addition to achieve KSU’s objectives which are cultivating KSU culture for quality and development, enhance and support quality and planning, support sufficient operations related to development and quality to achieve institutional excellence and build an effective system of institutional research. The Deanship believes in partnership and its role in achieving its mission and objectives, therefore the Deanship works to activate the process of communication and networking with all stakeholders and the target group in addition to the openness to the community and their aspirations. The Deanship always pursues to be one of the main pillars upon which the university depends to support KSA Vision 2030 – May Allah Guide and Help Us-

Prof. Mubarak Alkhatani  
Dean for Development and Quality



About Deanship

       Overview: King Saud University has taken several measures to ensure developmental action including all its internal processes and outputs; therefore it pays close attention to quality and development operations in order to achieve desired objectives. King Saud University established many deanships and departments focusing on quality, development, skill development, and informative and technical environment. In this context, Quality Deanship was established on 20/9/1429 under the name Quality Administration and then was converted to Quality Deanshipon 5/7/1429AH. In addition, Development Deanship was established by Resolution No.1313/1 on 11/7/1429 AH. In the early stages of developmental action, the establishment of Development Deanship was urgently needed. This stage required an independent entity concerning about strategic planning, cadres training, budgets providing, and international expertise communication. Similarly, establishing an independent quality deanship wasnecessarybecause it serves to build systems at the institutional and program level, communicate with theaccreditation commissions,train cadresand provide budgets. KSU achieved all desired objectives by having these two deanships. Currently, KSU determines to integrate these two deanships into unified one based on well-establishedsystemsrelated to development and quality in order to support the current developmental action and achieve perfection and harmony between them. The Deanship of Development and Quality pursues to achieve the following objectives: Achievement perfection andharmony between Deanships of Development and Quality. Unification of efforts to bring about a qualitative leap in university excellence level through taking advantage of experiences andcadresinDeanships of Development and Quality. Designing a template to reduce waste and work repetition via merging similar activities in Deanships of Development and Quality. Integration of strategic plan data with data of KSU’s performance measurement to prepare accurate reports help indecision-making and improvement plans. The integration was implemented in accordance with clear scientific methodology including diagnostic study of internal environment, KSU’s needs and aspirations and benchmarking with more than 12 universities which are Harvard – California Berkeley – MIT – Sanford – Illinois Urbana Champaign -Toronto – British Columbia - Cambridge – Manchester - National University Singapore – Tokyo - Monash. The interim committee acting Higher Education Council approved recommendation of KSU’s Council to integrate development Deanship andQualityDeanship into ones Deanship of Development and Quality. Mission: To enhance quality and sustainable development towards excellence performance at KSU. Objectives: Cultivating KSU culture for quality and development. Support sufficient operations related to development and quality to achieve institutional excellence. Build an effective system of institutional research. Tasks: Dissemination of quality culture at the college/ units. Evaluation of performance level at the college/ units. Execution and follow up evaluation and academic accreditation. The status of strategic plans implementation at the college/unit. Identification of strength and weaknesses and proposal of necessary improvement projects. Formation of team works to activate the projects proposed by the unit. Encourage college or departments’ employees to initiate project and operationalize them. Provide necessary facilitations for all quality’s stakeholders. Documentation of the efforts and application results of quality systems and practices and submit it to Deanship of Development and Quality. Continuous Collection of data and information related to quality activities at the colleges or units. Prepare periodic reports on performance’s levels and beneficiaries’ satisfaction for each activity. Follow up procedures of Excellence Awards at the college. Perform other tasks assigned to the unit in regard to quality and its applications.




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