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Vision, Mission, Values and Roles


  •  Our Vision

            To be a leading pacesetter for educational value towards performance excellence in the region.

  •  Our Mission

     The Deanship is committed to enhancing an integrated Planning-Information-Quality Management approach to strengthening and sustaining performance management through digital transformation to accomplish KSU 2030 “Towards Excellence.”

  • Our Values

           Based on our Islamic and cultural values, we, the Deanship of Development and Quality, uphold:

Quality and Performance Excellence: We measure ourselves according to challenging performance criteria by pursuing distinctiveness in quality and development towards performance excellence that underscores our commitment to the highest standards in continuous improvements and innovations.

Leadership and Teamwork: We remain committed to promoting individual and institutional leadership roles that drive our quality and development team spirits and work drivers in our quality and development commitment.

Freedom of Inquiry: We promote rigorous and honest intellectual explorations as the fundamentals to our quality and development traditions, and these are reflected in all dimensions of our activities and performance towards KSU scholarly, research, and social endeavors and excellence.

✓ Fairness and integrity: We abide by the principles of non-prescriptive but open-minded approaches recognizing equal performance opportunity and cultural diversity, consequently holding the members of our community to the highest standards of integrity, respect, and ethics towards their professional performance.

Transparency and accountability: We remain committed to exposing our thinking and ideas for society and scholars to judge our contributions in quality management towards performance excellence by holding answerability to everybody in our community for respecting and upholding transparency and accountabilities in all forms of their quality and development aspirations and practices.

Lifelong learning: We are committed to continuous improvements through lifelong learning inside and outside the KSU community, enhancing the continued promotion of performance excellence growth towards society.


  • Our Roles

   We, the Deanship, see our “Pacesetter” role:

  Seamlessly bringing the best from national or international bodies’ knowledge and skills to the Deanship, identify and select best practices, processes, and policies for sharing and dissemination across all KSU.

   Services and Support Provision to all KSU units with state-of-art practices and processes to enhance the units’ performance excellence work through the upgraded 20|20 KSU-QPMS (Quality and Performance Management System). 

  Strengthening the KSU Units’ quality, development, and performance management practices through developments and training and facilitating their work and aspirations through the e-QPMS (Quality and Performance Management System) and e-DES (Documentary Evidence System). 

   Sustaining our performance and all KSU Units through streamlined Quality and Performance Planning, Evaluation, and Assessment of the 20|20 KSU-QPMS.



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