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Functions of development and quality unit

  Functions of development and quality unit:

  1. Dissemination of quality culture at the college/ units.
  2. Evaluation of performance level at the college/ units.
  3. Execution and follow up evaluation and academic accreditation.
  4. The status of strategic plans implementation at the college/unit.
  5. Identification of strength and weaknesses and proposal of necessary improvement projects.
  6. Formation of team works to activate the projects proposed by the unit.
  7. Encourage college or departments’ employees to initiate project and operationalize them.
  8. Provide necessary facilitations for all quality’s stakeholders.
  9. Documentation of the efforts and application results of quality systems and practices and submit it to Deanship of Development and Quality.
  10. Continuous Collection of data and information related to quality activities at the colleges or units.
  11. Prepare periodic reports on performance’s levels and beneficiaries’ satisfaction for each activity.
  12. Follow up procedures of Excellence Awards at the college.
  13. Perform other tasks assigned to the unit in regard to quality and its applications.


Units’ Administrative link:

Quality units in Colleges are directly linked with College Dean or Vice Dean of Development and Quality if any, while the supportive deanships and administrative departments are linked to a higher power. 

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