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Development Planning Department


Development Planning Department


It focuses on proposing common objectives, policies and procedures related to the plan projects at the University. It also proposes executive stages of university’s operational plans and their schedules. In addition, it constantly evaluates the implementation of university’s plans to identify the achievement extent, improve the strengths and overcome the weaknesses. It aims to prepare the annual report and propose alternatives for development of objectives, programs and projects of the plan. Also, it prepares long-term and five-year plans of the university in accordance with development strategy and higher education policy.


  • Tasks:


  • Study of university’s needs to make decisions and take appropriate actions and measures based on sound scientific planning.
  • Develop positive coordination and cooperation aspects with the relevant authorities to accomplish University and Higher Education’s goals in particular and objectives of development in general.
  • Contribute in upgrading internal and external competence of the system of Higher Education and improve educational process.
  • Prepare statistical reports required from third parties such as Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Economy and Planning.
  • Preparation of five-year plans and follow up the implementation of university’s projects.
  • Follow up workflow in implementing University’s projects.


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Development Planning Department