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KSU 2030

KSU’s developmental operations are based on strong strategic plan which frames KSU’s work and arranges its developmental programs. The University Strategic Plan has to take into account
• The university's global status
• Its strong infrastructure
• Supportive budget
• Distinguished highly qualified experts from internationally reputed
universities and institutions.
King Saud University should set out for itself a future strategy capable of putting it
among competitive national and international universities. Through such a strategy
the university should adopt specifications of international universities characterized by financial stability and resources sufficient to support their needs. The university should also have programs – strong enough to attract students, researchers and distinguished faculty at the national and international levels. The plan should be flexible and realistic enough to achieve all KSU aspirations. The plan should be directed to qualify the university as an attractive source of work and study as well as being a pioneer university playing a leading role in the next 20 years towards achieving international distinction as well as in the production and generation of knowledge.



Executive summary of  the Strategic Plan KSU2030

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